Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/6/2020

  • Crisis made our church stronger
  • ‘All shall be well’?
  • German churches reopen
  • Torah scroll on Zoom
  • Reservation status revoked
  • Frontlines in mental health crisis

How coronavirus made our church stronger
New York Times: We may not be able to worship together, but that doesn’t mean we can’t act in concert.

Amid this pandemic, can we say with Julian of Norwich, ‘All shall be well’?
Baptist News Global: A number of preachers, teachers, writers and others are hearkening back to Julian of Norwich and her oft-quoted assertion that “all shall be well” in response to the world’s problems. Should we believe her?

Coronavirus: Germans go back to church -- but no singing allowed
DW: Churches across Germany are holding services for the first time in six weeks as the country begins to ease coronavirus restrictions. Members of the congregation must wear masks, stay apart and no singing is permitted.

An Old World Torah scroll unites a North Carolina synagogue in a time of pandemic
Religion News Service: Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the scroll has taken on a starring role on Zoom.

Native caucus sounds alarm over tribal land dispute
United Methodist News Service: While most people in the United States have been focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic, a decision to revoke the reservation status of a Native American tribe’s more than 300 acres in Massachusetts has gone relatively unnoticed

The Spark

The mental health crisis for frontline workers has already begun
The economic ramifications of the coronavirus are bleak enough, but the mental health crisis that frontline workers are about to face may be even worse, BuzzFeed says. (trigger warning: suicide)

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