Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/8/2019

  • Jean Vanier’s legacy
  • Progressive Catholics want church
  • Funding Islamophobia
  • LGBT Mary
  • Alt-right academy
  • History of umami

‘Intrinsically worthy’: Jean Vanier’s legacy to people with disabilities
Religion News Service: For Vanier, who never married and early in life considered the priesthood, living among people with disabilities was a religious calling.

Young progressive Catholics really do care about the church
National Catholic Reporter: Many young adult Catholics want to lead and serve in the church. The problem is, they're having a hard time finding a home in the church.

Report: Over 1,000 charity groups are helping fund fringe anti-Muslim projects
Religion News Service: Nearly 1,100 philanthropic organizations have funneled almost $125 million into dozens of anti-Muslim groups.
Council on American-Islamic Relations: Hijacked by hate: American philanthropy and the Islamophobia network

Woman held in Poland for adding LGBT symbol to revered icon
Crux: Police detained a human rights activist for putting up posters with the LGBT rainbow on the halos of Mary and baby Jesus.

The Catholic Church really doesn’t want Steve Bannon’s alt-right academy in Italy
New York Magazine: Steve Bannon has taken his cultural-anxiety show to Europe, where he hopes to establish a school for nationalists in a former monastery outside of Rome.

The Spark

The man who discovered umami
For centuries, humanity lived with the concept of sweet, salty, bitter and sour -- but another flavor was hiding on the sidelines, writes the BBC.

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