Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/10/2020

  • Christian call for reparations
  • Guide for reopening churches
  • Black churches in resistance
  • Power of the photo op
  • CoE accused of hypocrisy
  • Revolts in newsrooms

A Christian call for reparations
Sojourners: Christian theology has been used to legitimate white supremacist realities. We must tell that truth and push forward.

When churches reopen, don’t sing or shake hands, do make sermons short, says new guide
Religion News Service: An ecumenical group of clergy, scientists and other experts has released a guide to help congregations consider best practices for reopening for worship.

‘Breathe, pray, meditate’: Born from resistance, black churches leading in crises
NPR: African Americans have been hit harder by the virus and job losses. And then there's the other pandemic, as George Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump put it, systemic racism and discrimination.

The dangerous power of the photo op
Religion & Politics: Since its origins in the 1930s, the industry of American photojournalism has always been part of the power grid of race and religion, electrifying them through its images.

C of E accused of ‘utter hypocrisy’ over backing for Black Lives Matter
The Guardian: Vicar and trainee priest claim discrimination has blocked their church careers.

The Spark

Inside the revolts erupting in America’s big newsrooms
Part of the story of tension at The New York Times and The Washington Post starts in Ferguson,* The New York Times says.

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