Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/12/2019

  • SBC passes abuse measures
  • Catholics skipping mass
  • Church abuse racketeering?
  • Church syringe exchange
  • Fix inequality first
  • LA, bank robbery capital

Southern Baptists vote to hold churches more accountable for mishandling abuse claims
NPR: The Southern Baptist Convention has voted to make it easier to expel churches that mishandle claims of sexual abuse.

Quarter of U.S. Catholics say they have skipped Mass because of abuse crisis
Crux: As the U.S. Catholic bishops meet this week in an effort to turn the tide on the clergy abuse crisis, one-quarter of Catholics said they have gone less frequently to Mass in response.
Pew Research: Key takeaways about how Americans view the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church

As bishops gather, prosecutors step up scrutiny of church
AP: If the prosecutors apply racketeering laws against church leaders, it would mark the first known time that actions by a diocese or church leader were branded a criminal enterprise akin to organized crime.

As opioid epidemic spreads, a NC church opens its doors to a syringe exchange
Religion News Service: The UMC church is visited monthly by about 130 users who drop in to stock up on supplies and receive free health services. Everything is free and confidential.

Better schools won’t fix America
The Atlantic: Like many rich Americans, Nick Hanauer used to think educational investment could heal the country’s ills -- but he admits he was wrong. Fighting inequality must come first, he says.

The Spark

The rise and fall of the bank robbery capital of the world
In 1980s Los Angeles, a bank was robbed every hour of every day. CrimeReads tells the story of how a bandit culture took over the city.

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