Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/9/2021

  • Keep in-person worship restrictions
  • Religious schools’ LGBTQ exemption?
  • Evangelical leaders on migration
  • SBC in crisis
  • Apology to LGBT Catholic educator
  • Japanese ‘tree burials’

Keep COVID-19 restrictions during in-person worship, ecumenical guide suggests
Religion News Service: A revised ecumenical guide includes a chart of “benchmarks for in-person gatherings,” distinguishing between worship in outdoor and indoor settings.

Justice Department says it can ‘vigorously’ defend religious schools’ exemption from anti-LGBTQ discrimination laws*
The Washington Post: The Justice Department in a court filing Tuesday said it can “vigorously” defend a religious exemption from federal civil rights law that allows federally funded religious schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students.

As VP Harris heads to Guatemala, evangelical leaders urge U.S. to address root causes of migration
Baptist News Global: As Vice President Kamala Harris headed to Guatemala this week as part of a campaign to address the root cause of the surge in migration to the United States, she was among recipients of a letter from a group of Christian leaders encouraging such an approach.

The scandal rocking the evangelical world*
The Atlantic: The sudden departure of Russell Moore is forcing an overdue conversation about the crises of American Christendom.
Baptist News Global: Leaked letters and charges of covering up sexual abuse set the stage for a potential investigation of the investigators inside SBC

Bishop apologizes to fired LGBT Catholic educator at theology gathering
National Catholic Reporter: Margie Winters’s story is similar to those of a number of other Catholic educators in the U.S., fired because their relationships violate the church’s teaching against same-sex marriage. But on June 4 this year, Winters received something different: a clerical apology for the way she was treated.

The Spark

Lack of burial space is changing age-old funeral practices, and in Japan ‘tree burials’ are gaining in popularity
As the global population continues to grow, space for putting the dead to rest is at a premium, says The Conversation.

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