Wednesday's News & Ideas - 7/10/2019

  • The liberal Christian voter
  • Church vs. oil pipeline
  • Christian books on heaven
  • Uighur children separated
  • CA private schools losing students
  • Echoes make art

Religious liberals want to change what it means to be a Christian voter
PBS: In Iowa, a starting assumption is that the Democratic faithful are majority Christian.

A church is fighting back against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
Christian Century: Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Virginia and their neighbors in Union Hill are on the front lines of the climate struggle.

“I did not die. I did not go to heaven.”
Slate: How the controversy around a Christian bestseller engulfed the evangelical publishing industry -- and tore a family apart.

‘Unmatched wickedness’: Reports allege child separation, organ harvesting against China’s Muslims
Religion News Service: The extensive BBC investigation has found that more than 400 Uighur children in a single township have lost both their parents to prison or China’s vast network of internment camps.
Associated Press: Christian family details crackdown on church in China

Fewer students attending private, religious schools in California. Here’s why.
The Sacramento Bee: The number of California students enrolled in private schools has fallen by nearly 25 percent since 2000 -- dragged down by a significant drop in students attending religious schools.

The Spark

Echoes on the internet
In a series of letters at The Spectacle, Eve L. Ewing and Hanif Abdurraqib reflect on what it means to be two halves of a poetry collective -- to make art with, for, and alongside others.

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