Wednesday's News & Ideas - 7/1/2020

  • SCOTUS allows religious school funding
  • Most evangelicals support women leaders
  • Defund America?
  • Science won't replace religion
  • Tips for classroom equity
  • Carl Reiner dies

Supreme Court lifts ban on state aid to religious schooling
Associated Press: By a 5-4 vote with the conservatives in the majority, the justices upheld a Montana scholarship program that allows state tax credits for private schooling in which almost all the recipients attend religious schools.
Education Week: What the Supreme Court's ruling on religious schools means in practice
U.S. News & World Report: Maine, Vermont next in fight over aid to religious schools

Researcher: Most evangelicals support women in church leadership
Christianity Today: Despite the ongoing debates over gender roles, surveys show significant agreement in favor of female Sunday school teachers, worship leaders, speakers and preachers.

Defund the police? How about ‘defunding America’ through radical, thorough-going, far-reaching change?
Baptist News Global: The American experiment has failed because it has been inequitable, unfair, unjust and discriminatory from the start, sanctioned by segments of a religion which propagated it while benefiting enormously from it, writes Michael P.L. Friday.

No, science will never make philosophy or religion obsolete
Forbes: Many of today's most exciting mysteries, from the origin of life to extraterrestrial intelligence to quantum gravity to the puzzles of dark matter and dark energy, currently lie beyond the realm of what's scientifically well-understood, writes an astrophysicist.

A dozen-plus ways you can foster educational equity
InsideHigherEd: Non-Black faculty members have the power to help dismantle educational inequities, argue Viji Sathy, Kelly A. Hogan and Calvin M. Sims, and they suggest some practical ways for how to start.

The Spark

Carl Reiner, actor, director, writer, producer and mensch, dies at 98
Carl Reiner's career began at the dawn of television comedy in the 1950s and lasted more than six decades. Reiner belonged to a generation of Jewish comics who helped define American comedy in the 20th century.

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