Wednesday's News & Ideas - 7/15/2020

  • Science vs. religion in pandemic?
  • What McCarrick told victims
  • Will the church use PPP well?
  • Retirement systems at risk
  • NFL team name change not enough
  • The race gap, visualized

Are pandemic protests the newest form of science-religion conflict?
Religion & Politics: A closer look at the explicit reasons and the positions staked out by these religious groups, however, shows less rejection of biological and medical science -- though there is some of that as well -- and more skepticism of government authority.

‘Pray for your poor uncle,’ a predatory priest told his victims*
The New York Times: As former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick became a powerful figure in the church, several boys from one family say he targeted them.

Will the church use paycheck protection money as it should?
National Catholic Reporter: The Catholic Church should not be vilified for accessing a greatly needed government program that protects its employees, but it is painfully apparent that many Catholics (not to mention the public) do not trust the hierarchical church one bit.

Post-pandemic retirement: Can we build more resilient systems?
Knowledge @ Wharton: Reforming retirement systems is a more urgent imperative globally as the coronavirus pandemic claims jobs, lowers economic growth and investment returns, and threatens to choke funding for already underfunded pension plans.

Changing the Washington NFL team's name is something, but not enough
Religion News Service: In exciting news this week, the football team in Washington whose name has been a racial slur for decades is finally in the process of changing its name and logo.

The Spark

The race gap
From birth to death, Black people face systemic disadvantages in American life more than 150 years after slavery was abolished. Reuters visualizes some of the data.

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