Wednesday's News & Ideas - 7/24/2019

  • Religious literacy survey
  • Willow Creek reconciliation
  • Baptists petition to ban abortion
  • Ex-WV bishop sanctioned
  • Keep learning how to read

What Americans know about religion
Pew Research: U.S. adults generally can answer basic questions about the Bible and Christianity, but are less familiar with other world religions.
Christianity Today: Americans who know religion best hold worse views of evangelicals

Willow Creek elders preach reconciliation after allegations against Hybels
Religion News Service: Not everybody is convinced that reconciliation may be possible at this point -- or wise.

Tennessee Baptist leaders recruiting churches to lobby for abortion ban
Baptist News Global: The Tennessee Baptist Convention launched an online petition July 23 to rally the state’s 3,000 Southern Baptist churches in support of legislation to ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

Overcoming the Mormon legacy on race
The Economist: A conservative faith attempts to build bridges with the NAACP.

Pope places sanctions on bishop investigated over sexual harassment, lavish spending
Religion News Service: Pope Francis has placed sanctions on retired bishop Michael Bransfield following an investigation concerning sexual harassment and lavish overspending of church funds.

The Spark

Reading lessons
You never stop learning how to read -- probably because you also never stop forgetting how to read, Irina Dumitrescu says at Longreads.

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