Wednesday's News & Ideas - 7/31/2019

  • Guide to candidates' faith
  • National Cathedral condemns Trump tweets
  • SBC finds urgent need on border
  • Does war make people religious?
  • Eskimo village suffers clergy abuse
  • Inside a fireball of quantum matter

Faith and Politics: Your guide to the Democratic presidential debates
Religion Unplugged: Wondering about the religious affliliation of the Democratic presidential hopefuls? This guide profiles each 2020 candidate to show their faith backgrounds and present practices, and how their faith sees their chosen policy issues.
Religion News Service: 5 issues religious liberals will be tuned to in the Democratic debates

National Cathedral leaders: Trump's racial comments 'give cover to white supremacists'
CNN: Leaders of the Washington National Cathedral slammed President Donald Trump's recent attacks on minority lawmakers and the city of Baltimore as a "dangerous" rallying cry to white supremacist violence.

SBC leaders note ‘urgent need’ along the border
Baptist Press: Marshal Ausberry, first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, traveled to Mexico on a fact-finding trip and said, “We don’t get into the politics of it, but as believers in Christ Jesus, we’re burdened to do that basic level of care.”
KTSM: Pastors, migrant activists march on Border Patrol station in El Paso

Study asks if war makes a person more ... or less ... religious
WBUR: The more profound the impact of war on an individual -- such as the death, injury or abduction of a household member -- the greater the likelihood grew of that person turning to religion, a new study concludes.

Clergy abused an entire generation in this village. With new traumas, justice remains elusive.
Propublica: An entire generation of children survived years of sexual abuse by Jesuit priests and Catholic church personnel shipped to St. Michael, a Yup’ik Eskimo village of 400. Any expectation the Alaska criminal justice system will energetically investigate sexual assault or hold people accountable has been eroded by generations of neglect.

The Spark

Physicists peer inside a fireball of quantum matter
Experimenters in Germany have glimpsed the kind of strange, non-atomic matter thought to fill the cores of merging neutron stars. The experiment is the first to measure the temperature of quark matter under conditions akin to the inside of a neutron star collision.

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