Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Marilynne Robinson's trip to Israel
  • Spiritual life of a religion reporter
  • When God Left the Building
  • Power in an unsettled age
  • Laundry ministry
  • WWI, then & now

Pulitzer Prize-winning Marilynne Robinson discusses her first trip to IsraelJewish Daily Forward: "I concluded some time ago that the world goes on by the grace of God - that nothing else can account for our immunity, relative as it is, from the consequences of our own nature."

'On Being' host Krista Tippett on the spiritual life of a religion reporterWashington Post: How has all that "delving into the mysteries of human existence" affected her faith?

'When God left the building' film director: The American church is dyingChristian Post: A new documentary, "When God Left the Building," will examine the decline of the American church and the overall deteriorating spiritual condition of the United States.

Our unsettled age shakes the powerfulNational Catholic Reporter: New book outlines challenges to established, hierarchical, bureaucratic power, a characterizing feature of our unsettled age.

A growing movement to spread faith, love -- and clean laundryNPR: This is "Laundry Love" at work -- a ministry that raises money to pay for detergent, dryer sheets and quarters for machines.

The Spark

The hallowed ground of World War I, then and nowMonday marked 100 years since the start of World War I. The Washington Post presents photographs of some of the places that endured through the war and what they look like now.

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