Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Supreme Court arguments
  • Friendless pastors
  • Pope removes bling bishop
  • Bible Society to sell building
  • Big bang & meaning of life questions
  • Toy stories

Supreme Court divided as it hears argument on contraceptive coverageWashington Post: A divided Supreme Court seemed sympathetic to the views of business owners who say their religious objections protect them from Obamacare contraception mandate.Slate: "God does not regard the fetus as a soul"

The friendless pastorLeadership Journal: It's ironic that pastors, who talk the most about the need for community, experience it the least.

Pope replaces German 'bling bishop' after inquiryAssociated Press: Pope Francis permanently removes a German bishop after his 31 million-euro ($43-million) new residence complex caused an uproar among the faithful.

American Bible Society to sell 12-story NYC buildingReligion News Service: The American Bible Society will sell its 12-story building on Broadway, vacating prime Manhattan real estate that serves a host of evangelical ministries.

Good luck, physicists, with those tricky 'meaning of life' questionsThe (London) Guardian: Scientists have replaced theologians as the people you'd ask your existential queries. And following the big bang discovery, they should expect a grilling.

The Spark

Adorable photos of children around the world with their favorite toysFor three years, photographer Gabriele Galimberti traveled the globe, asking children to pose with their favorite toys. Despite the striking differences in culture and wealth of his subjects, the portraits, featured in Mother Jones, capture the universality of childhood .

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