Wednesday's News & Ideas - 8/7/2019

  • Christian nationalism & gun control
  • Toni Morrison’s priceless advice
  • Slavery & genealogy of Presbyterian Outlook
  • Catholics & transubstantiation
  • Managing change in an institution bad at it
  • The technology of kindness

How a nationalistic strain of Christianity is subtly shaping America’s gun debate
HuffPost: It’s hard for gun control activists to find common ground with folks who believe the Second Amendment is a God-given right.
Religion News Service: Clergy protest outside McConnell’s office, demand action on gun violence
America: El Paso faith community shares stories of fear and anger in shooting aftermath

The priceless advice Toni Morrison gave me
The New York Times: Author A.J. Verdelle writes that her conversations with the late Nobel laureate in literature were a kind of bliss -- undeniably, indisputably an education called grace.
The Washington Post: How Toni Morrison’s words pierced me, as a black Christian female writer
The New Yorker: Toni Morrison, the teacher
The New Yorker: From 2016, Morrison on “making America white again”

Slavery and the genealogy of The Presbyterian Outlook
The Presbyterian Outlook: We can see in the Outlook’s history how people of good intentions can go so badly astray, how the self-interests of daily life can seduce us and how even reformers and progressives can provide ideological support for a deeply oppressive system.
The Presbyterian Outlook: The Outlook and Southern Presbyterians on race

Just one-third of U.S. Catholics agree with their church that Eucharist is body, blood of Christ
Pew Research Center: Transubstantiation -- the idea that during Mass, the bread and wine used for Communion become the body and blood of Jesus Christ -- is central to the Catholic faith. But most self-described Catholics don’t believe it.

Leading change in a company that’s historically bad at it
Harvard Business Review: Organizational change was once a seasonal experience. But today, managing continual disruption is a skill required of most leaders.

The Spark

The technology of kindness
People’s ability to connect is the glue that holds our culture together. By thinning out our interactions and splintering our media landscape, the Internet has taken away the common ground we need to understand one another. But empathy can mend the tears in our social fabric.

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