Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Union divests from fossil fuels
  • Where UMC from here?
  • New SBC president
  • Sanctuary Movement revival
  • 30-minute service
  • Fit, not grit

Union becomes the world's first seminary to divest from fossil fuelsTIME: Humanity's addiction to fossil fuels is death-dealing -- or as Christians would say, profoundly sinful -- says Union Theological Seminary President Serene Jones.

How did we get here, where do we go from hereUnited Methodist Reporter: Was a call for separation issued and if it was, was it as unanimous as the statement and press release would like us to believe?

Ronnie Floyd elected SBC presidentABP News/Herald: Southern Baptists elect an Arkansas pastor as new president on the first ballot.

This church is reviving the sanctuary movement to shelter undocumented immigrants from deportationThe Daily Beast: As the immigration debate gets even more politicized, one church on the Arizona border is quietly taking up a long-held tradition of offering safe haven for families facing deportation.

Church promises 30-minute service, maxChicago Tribune: 30-minute service is intended to introduce a new form of church where the focus is on stories from the Bible, rather than the traditional ceremonial aspects of worship.

The Spark

I think a MacArthur Genius is wrong about 'grit'John Warner is not a psychologist or an expert in human behavior, but he takes issue with a MacArthur Genius's theory that "grit" is the key to student achievement. He doesn't have research to back him up, but he has stories, including his own, he writes at Inside Higher Ed. "For some people, the key to success is grit. For others, others like me, it's 'fit.'"

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