Wednesday's News & Ideas - 9/11/2019

  • Terror & Islamophobia
  • Jarrid Wilson dies
  • FL megachurch downsizes
  • Pope: schisms from ideology
  • Berry’s shared place
  • Oral history of 9/11

Visual timeline project traces ‘underlying Islamophobia’ in war on terror
Religion News Service: On the 18-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a new visual timeline seeks to document the U.S. policies and programs that Muslim and civil rights activists say have resulted in major encroachments on human rights. (trigger warning: graphic images)

Megachurch pastor Jarrid Wilson, known for his mental health advocacy, dies by suicide
NBC: Jarrid Wilson had been a pastor with Harvest Christian Fellowship Church for about 18 months.

Southern Baptist megachurch to downsize its campus by 90 percent
Baptist News Global: The senior pastor described the cost-cutting move as necessary for the church’s long-term survival.

Francis warns of ideology ‘infiltrating’ some quarters of U.S. Catholic Church
National Catholic Reporter: “A schism is always snobbish ideology detached from doctrine,” the pope says.

A shared place: Wendell Berry’s lifelong dissent.*
The Nation: His identity has been indelibly that of a writer-farmer dug into his place, someone who has become nationally famous for being local.

The Spark

On 9/11, luck meant everything
When the terrorist attacks happened, trivial decisions spared people’s lives -- or sealed their fate. Garrett M. Graff gives an oral history* from 9/11 at The Atlantic.

*access is limited for nonsubscribers

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