Wednesday's News & Ideas - 9/23/2020

  • RBG on biblical Deborah
  • Churches as polling stations
  • Vatican condemns euthanasia
  • ICE apprehension at church
  • Francis on LGBTQ children
  • America’s unemployment

Ruth Bader Ginsburg saw the biblical Deborah as a role model*
Christian Century: A religious role model for a Supreme Court justice? And an extremely complicated biblical figure, at that? Serene Jones reflects on a conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Voting while God is watching -- does having churches as polling stations sway the ballot?
The Conversation: In some electoral districts, houses of worship make up a significant number of all voting places, raising important issues about whether voting in a place of worship influences how people cast their ballots.

ICE apprehension on church grounds violated federal policy, say faith leaders
Religion News Service: Prominent faith leaders are condemning the apprehension of an undocumented immigrant on church grounds by federal officials, arguing the action violates a government policy that discourages agents from raiding “sensitive locations” such as churches, hospitals and schools.

Vatican strongly condemns euthanasia, calling it an ‘act of homicide’
CNN: The Vatican has condemned euthanasia in its strongest language yet, calling it an “act of homicide” that can never be justified.

Pope tells parents ‘God loves’ LGBTQ kids ‘as they are,’ describes children with autism as ‘flowers’
People: Pope Francis has been known for expressing interest in making the Catholic Church more welcoming since assuming the papacy in 2013.

The Spark

We can end America’s unemployment nightmare
The problem with our social safety net is clear, Vox says. The solution is, too.

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