Brendan Case


Brendan Case is a doctor of theology candidate at Duke Divinity School and a former writer for Faith & Leadership.

A university in Ghana equips its students to be innovators in their fields through a dual focus on “hard skills” and liberal arts that foster creativity and civic engagement. Does your institution help employees connect their work to the good of society as a whole?

Making music from trash

The Recycled Orchestra in Paraguay turns brokenness into beauty. What castoffs and broken places are awaiting redemption in your life?

How difficulty nourishes creativity

What are the most burdensome constraints of your work in ministry, and how might you re-imagine them as opportunities for innovation?

Three keys to sustainable design

Fast Company’s design blog offers tips that Christian leaders can use to cultivate to execute good ideas.

Ecosystems of change

What an island of centenarians can teach leaders about cultivating lasting change.

Innovation and the bottom line

Maintaining a creative institutional culture doesn’t mean abandoning the budget. A free resource explores how innovation and business thinking can -- and should -- exist together.

The world, as seen by Roger Federer

Brilliant improvisers -- whether on the court or in the workplace -- are trained to see the world differently than the rest of us.

Writing like a swimmer

Olympic swimmers hone their craft through repetition and discipline. So do writing students at a Staten Island high school.

There is nothing like an election cycle to showcase disagreement at its most rancorous. How should Christians navigate the troubled waters of conflict, whether as parishioners, employees or citizens?

Learning on the job

How to make your organization a learning culture through slow, incremental changes -- the way social entrepreneurs do.


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