Theological Education Between the Times

Theological Education Between the Times is a series of books that explores the challenges faced by schools preparing the next generation of theology scholars and other religious leaders.

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Leadership development in Christian institutions

The challenges facing Christian institutions today require innovative solutions in all aspects of the work. Senior leaders must cultivate the conditions for the work to flourish, which means nurturing talent across levels and roles. This series from Faith & Leadership will help you navigate the issues of leadership development.

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Lessons on leadership

In this series of reflections, the former president of Fuller Theological Seminary offers a few lessons on what it means to lead Christian institutions today.

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Mainline Protestants and disruptive innovation

Mainline Protestants can still have an exciting and life-giving future. Living into that future will require us to learn deeply Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen's lessons of disruptive innovation, say three United Methodist Church leaders.

In this series of articles, Kenneth H. Carter Jr., L. Gregory Jones and Susan Pendleton Jones explore disruptive innovation and what it means for the future of mainline Protestantism.

Disruptive Innovation

What’s the future of denominations?

As the Christian landscape changes, leaders must ask and answer a new question: What’s the future of denominations? In this series of videos, interviews and essays, people across American Christianity offer their thoughts on this vital issue.

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