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Tim Soerens

Announcing the 2023 Reflective Leadership Grants

"This was a game-changer for us.  The chance to climb up from the 'dance floor' of our everyday activity and discern a clarified organization future from the 'balcony' was the gift we needed even more than we understood at the time.

If possible, please pursue this extraordinary opportunity."

— Tim Soerens, Parish Collective

In 2023, Leadership Education plans to award upwards of 30 Reflective Leadership Grants, which provide Christian leaders “balcony time” to reflect on accomplishments, broaden perspectives and discern next steps.

We welcome applicants who serve in a range of leadership roles, from project director to senior administrator, and who are working in a variety of organizations, including denominations, seminaries, church-related colleges, consultancies, congregations, Christian nonprofits, Christian social enterprises and others. The application deadline is May 15, 2023.

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