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Friday's News & Ideas - 11/18/2022

  • Baltimore sex abuse victims
  • Elon Musk & the eye of a needle
  • Culture clash at World Cup
  • Antisemitism as racism
  • Jeopardy clue controversy
  • Joan Didion’s possessions

Probe of Baltimore Archdiocese finds over 600 clergy sex abuse victims*
The Washington Post: In court filing, attorney general’s office said there are “almost certainly hundreds more” and that church leaders failed to report many allegations or remove abusers

Can Elon Musk fit through the eye of a needle?
Sojourners: What happened to Twitter under the leadership of billionaire and tech mogul Elon Musk was not surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention.

Culture clash? Conservative Qatar preps for World Cup party
Religion News Service: A clash of values has already erupted in Qatar, a conservative Muslim emirate that restricts alcohol, bans drugs and suppresses free speech, as it prepares to welcome possibly rowdy crowds for the first World Cup in the Middle East.

Antisemitism isn’t just ‘Jew-hatred’ – it’s anti-Jewish racism
The Conversation: Accusations of antisemitism often seem like a kind of Rorschach test. Where some people see antisemitism, others see a legitimate opinion or statement.

‘Jeopardy!’ fans are frustrated by this controversial Bible clue
CNN: “Jeopardy!” fans are confused and more than a little miffed after a controversial Final Jeopardy! clue divided contestants in the final rounds of the program’s “Tournament of Champions.”

The Spark

Joan Didion’s priceless sunglasses
An auction of the writer’s possessions* is further confirmation of how, for Didion, style was not surface but essence, The New Yorker says.

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