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Friday's News & Ideas - 1/21/2021

  • Roe’s “last anniversary”?
  • Fewer Americans attend church
  • Combating antisemitism
  • Irenaeus now a doctor of the church
  • Parenting on a planet in pain
  • Why Wordle went so viral

Activists look ahead to what could be the ‘last anniversary’ for Roe
NPR: Organizers of this year’s March for Life hope it will be the final year before the Court reverses itself and overturns decades of precedent on abortion rights.

Here’s who stopped going to church during the pandemic
Christianity Today: Recent research paints a grim picture for local congregations. But it also highlights opportunities.

How antisemitic conspiracy theories contributed to the recent hostage-taking at the Texas synagogue
The Conversation: Myths related to Jewish conspiracies to control the world have long circulated in the U.S. and continue to fuel hatred.
Associated Press: Jewish leaders renew antisemitism fight after hostage case

Pope declares St. Irenaeus a doctor of the church
National Catholic Reporter: In a decree released by the Vatican, the pope ordered that the second-century theologian be given the title of “doctor of unity” and said St. Irenaeus’s life and teachings served as “a spiritual and theological bridge between Eastern and Western Christians.”

Parenting on a planet in pain*
The Christian Century: How do I teach my children to care for an ailing world?


Wordle’s creator thinks he knows why the game has gone so viral
Hint: It has to do with New Zealand,* says Slate.

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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/25/2022

  • Texas shooting
  • SBC to release list of abusers
  • Pastor admits ‘adultery’ with minor
  • Creative church plants in the U.K.
  • Death’s vision
  • A hymn for people called to do more than sing and pray

Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/24/2022

  • SBC report demands more than reform
  • Rosemary Radford Reuther dies
  • Jobs fill faith vacuum
  • Church of Scotland for same sex marriage
  • Lawsuit against religious schools
  • The evolution of the bicycle

Monday's News & Ideas - 5/23/2022

  • Report: SBC’s inaction on abuse
  • American religion & business
  • Pelosi barred from communion
  • Roberto Miranda dies
  • TV presenter’s memoir
  • Global energy inequity
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