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Friday's News & Ideas - 2/23/2024

  • Trump speaks to religious broadcasters
  • Park Street church divided
  • Gaza’s population facing famine
  • Banks discriminate against Muslims?
  • Bethlehem pastor & Welby
  • Redemption of Al Sharpton

Trump promises a revival of Christian power in speech to National Religious Broadcasters
Religion News Service: In a packed hotel ballroom in Nashville, the former president pledged to bring God back into the public square and restore a country he said has fallen apart since he left the White House.

Park Street divided: Congregation asked to end conflict with a vote*
Christianity Today: A clash over leadership at the landmark evangelical church in Boston is testing the strength of democratic governance.

Jesus is hungry in Gaza. Will we feed him?
Sojourners: The entirety of Gaza’s population — 2.2 million people — is ensnared in the grasp of extreme food insecurity and the outbreak of infectious disease; more than a quarter of these people find themselves in the throes of famine.

Lawmakers call out major U.S. banks for discriminating against Muslim Americans
HuffPost: Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ilhan Omar are demanding answers about policies that target communities of color.

Pastor says Welby would not meet him if he spoke at Palestine rally with Corbyn
The Guardian: The archbishop said he could not meet Bethlehem Lutheran Munther Isaac if he shared platform with former Labour leader, Isaac says.

The Spark

The redemption of Al Sharpton
To one America, Sharpton* has long been a beacon of the civil-rights movement — the man met Dr. King! To another, he was a loudmouth in a tracksuit, surrounded by controversy and shady friends — the man knows Don King, too, Esquire says.

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