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Friday's News & Ideas - 3/17/2023

  • Data on Christian MAGA turn
  • German Catholics alone on same-sex unions
  • Praying for basketball teams
  • Lawsuit on Vatican property deal
  • UMC monitoring bishop suspension
  • New species of orchid

Five charts that explain the desperate turn to MAGA among conservative white Christians
Religion News Service: White Christians’ attempt to halt their demographic slide has fostered two narratives of American life.

Pope’s top aide says Germany can’t go it alone on blessing same-sex unions
Crux: A top aide to Pope Francis said there’s a need for dialogue with the German bishops after a recent vote in favor of blessing same-sex unions, insisting that the move does not align with official Catholic doctrine.

Divine dilemma: Who gets God’s nod in March Madness?
Religion News Service: If two Christian schools’ fans pray for victory, which one gets God’s favor?

Pope sought to lose ‘as little as possible’ in London deal
Associated Press: Prosecutors have accused broker Gianluigi Torzi of extorting the Holy See for the 15 million euros in exchange for ownership of the building, charges he denies. The nine other defendants have similarly denied wrongdoing.

UMC agency asks to monitor bishop’s case as suspicion rises
Baptist News Global: A churchwide agency charged with monitoring the participation of women in the United Methodist Church has asked to observe the judicial process investigating complaints against Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño, who has been suspended from active ministry for a year without explanation.

The Spark

A new species of orchid has been discovered in Japan, and its petals look like they’re spun from glass
Its discovery is an important reminder that unknown species are often living right under our noses, CNN says.

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