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Friday's News & Ideas - 7/16/2021

  • Pope restricts Latin Mass
  • Not waiting to leave UMC
  • Can AI know God?
  • Secular American mindfulness
  • Women leaders in early church
  • Uyghur poet Tahir

Pope reverses Benedict, reimposes restrictions on Latin Mass
Associated Press: Pope Francis cracked down Friday on the spread of the old Latin Mass, reversing one of Pope Benedict XVI’s signature decisions in a major challenge to traditionalist Catholics who immediately decried it as an attack on them and the ancient liturgy.

Why congregations aren’t waiting to leave the United Methodist Church
Christianity Today: With a denominational split delayed, some are willing to pay big to exit now.

Can Silicon Valley find God?*
The New York Times: Artificial intelligence promises to remake the world. These believers are fighting to make sure thousands of years of text and tradition find a place among the algorithms.

Mindfulness meditation can make some Americans more selfish and less generous
The Conversation: Mindfulness developed as a part of Buddhism, where it’s intimately tied up with Buddhist spiritual teachings and morality. Mindfulness in the U.S., on the other hand, is often taught and practiced in purely secular terms.

Women’s search for women leaders in the early church
JSTOR: Some nineteenth-century women writers argued that the first Christians included women who were close to Paul — and maybe apostles themselves.

The Spark

One by one, my friends were sent to the camps
At The Atlantic, the Uyghur poet Tahir Hamut Izgil shares his story* with the world.

*access is limited for nonsubscribers

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Monday's News & Ideas - 8/2/2021

  • LA Catholic schools’ funding
  • Rest is not a reward
  • Christians & crowdfunding
  • Remembering reincarnation
  • Poland law draws anger
  • Screen reading social sites

Friday's News & Ideas - 7/30/2021

  • Vaccine hesitancy & faith
  • McCarrick criminally charged
  • Church pays off debts
  • Federal nominees & God
  • Homeownership ethics
  • Sunisa Lee’s gift

Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/29/2021

  • Voting rights march
  • SCOTUS ‘shadow docket’
  • Why is CRT being banned?
  • Chilean priest dies
  • Mortal cost of carbon
  • Black neighborhoods & highways

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