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Monday's News & Ideas - 03/13/2023

  • 10 years with Pope Francis
  • ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ & intergenerational healing
  • Three hate groups spread most propaganda
  • NYC church helps migrants
  • Clergy should report abuse
  • The electron is having a (magnetic) moment

10 years with Pope Francis
National Catholic Reporter: NCR marks 10 years with Pope Francis and his leadership through reports, essays, commentary, events — and even a certain comic strip. It examines the decade past and the years to come for Francis, a pope who seems to redefine for a new generation a special spirit born three generations ago.
NPR: A look back at Pope Francis’s legacy as he marks 10 years of papacy
Crux: After a dramatic decade in power, Pope Francis faces a Gorbachev dilemma

In ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ a multiverse of absurdity meets intergenerational healing
National Catholic Reporter: The movie, which took home seven Oscars, does not offer a rosy picture of reconciliation, and neither does the story of my own family, writes Flora X. Tang. Yet it is in the messiness of life, in the fleeting moments of joy amidst chaos, in the times we strive towards what seems impossible, that our lives move closer to healing despite insurmountable trauma.
The New York Times: Michelle Yeoh: The crisis that changed my life 8 years ago keeps happening*

Three hate groups drove spike in antisemitism and racist propaganda last year
Baptist News Global: Incidents of racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ propaganda increased substantially in 2022 as major white supremacist groups boosted disinformation campaigns in numerous U.S. states, according to new research by the Anti-Defamation League. Three organizations were behind 93% of the propaganda documented last year.

A Brooklyn pastor talks about his church’s efforts to help migrants
NPR: Governors in some border states have been busing arrivals to their states to large cities on the East Coast. But months into this, some cities are still scrambling to respond, and faith organizations have stepped in. NPR speaks with the Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz, pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Brooklyn.

Why Delaware’s clergy-penitent privilege law should be repealed
Delaware online: No institution in our society, not even a recognized religion, has a significant advantage over governments’ responsibility to protect its children from harm by abuse or neglect, writes the Rev. James E. Connell, a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee and an advocate for victims and survivors of sexual abuse.

The Spark

The electron is having a (magnetic) moment. It’s a big deal
A new experiment pulled off the most precise measurement of an electron’s self-generated magnetic field — and the universe’s subatomic model is at stake,* says Wired.

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