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Monday's News & Ideas - 05/13/2024

  • College chaplains have hope
  • Alito warns of threat to freedoms
  • Homeschools, charters and religion
  • Palestinian Christians confused by US support for Israel
  • Texas AG seeks to close migrant nonprofit again
  • Nature puts on a show

Amid surge of campus protests, chaplains find reason for hope in their students
Religion News Service: The chaplains at Ivy League and other top schools say the students have learned about the concerns of other faiths, while finding ways to express their own.

Justice Alito warns of threats to freedom of speech and religion*
New York Times: In a commencement ceremony at a Catholic university, the justice said that fundamental principles were in peril at universities and American society.

Public school, religious instruction: Many San Diego County charter school students are also enrolling in religious programs
San Diego Union-Tribune: Families are enrolling their children in private religious schooling programs, public charter schools, and also are homeschooling.

Christians in Palestine ask why U.S. believers ignore them
Baptist News Global: They don’t understand why American evangelicals celebrated the creation of modern Israel in 1948 and have stood with Israel ever since, writes Tony Campolo.

Texas attorney general revives attempt to shut down Catholic nonprofit serving migrants
National Catholic Reporter: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton revived his attempt to shut down El Paso's Annunciation House, a Catholic nonprofit serving migrants, just a couple of months after his previous effort was blocked by a state judge.

The Spark

Northern lights on full display across US, Europe on Friday: See photos
Because the sun is at the height of its 11-year-cycle, conditions were optimal for the auroras to put on a light show that electrified sky watchers and appeared to far more Americans than usual, USA Today says.

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Friday's News & Ideas - 5/24/2024

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  • Abuse trial in New Orleans delayed
  • ‘Appeal to Heaven’ nationalist flag
  • Ukrainian military chaplains
  • Carlo Acutis to become saint
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Thursday's News & Ideas - 5/23/2024

  • ACNA bishop deposed
  • Secularism struggles in France
  • Dominican wisdom
  • ‘Disappearing into devotion’
  • Does God have a favorite sports team?
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Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/22/2024

  • DOJ issues first SBC indictment
  • Defrocked UMC pastor is reinstated
  • Pope voices opposition to women deacons
  • Secularism increases in Scotland
  • Baylor updates its motto
  • Can you read a book in 15 minutes?
Nathalie Nelson Parker

Reflective Leadership Grants offer a step back

“The ability to slow down ... allowed me time to listen, explore and be more impactful for the communities I am called to serve.” 

— Nathalie Nelson Parker, Civitas Consulting Group 

Christian leaders from a variety of roles are welcome to apply. The grants provide “balcony time” to reflect on accomplishments, broaden perspectives and discern next steps. The application deadline is May 28, 2024.

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