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Monday's News & Ideas - 11/22/2021

  • Rittenhouse’s license to kill
  • 2 missionaries in Haiti freed
  • Schools’ freedom to discriminate
  • Beverly Carroll dies
  • World Cup religious restrictions
  • Monticello’s graveyards

Kyle Rittenhouse, whiteness and a divinely ordained license to kill
Religion News Service: The danger we’re facing goes beyond a rogue killer.

Kidnappers release 2 of 17 missionaries abducted in Haiti
Associated Press: Two of 17 members of a missionary group who were kidnapped more than a month ago are safe and “in good spirits” after being freed in Haiti, their U.S.-based church organization announced.

Some US Christian schools believe religious freedom means they can fire gay teachers
The Guardian: Gay educators and their allies – including students and the ACLU – are fighting back.

Dr. Beverly Carroll, legendary Black Catholic advocate, dies at 75
Black Catholic Messenger: Dr. Beverly A. Carroll, the founding director of the USCCB’s Secretariat for African-American Catholics, passed away on Saturday, November 13th. She was 75 years old.

World Cup fans face crackdown in Qatar
HuffPost: It’s going to be an extremely different World Cup for soccer fans next year in Qatar, where public drunkenness will be strictly prohibited, and PDA will be tightly curbed in the Muslim nation.

The Spark

On the Black descendants of Thomas Jefferson and uncovering the origins of family lore
There are at least two known burial grounds at Monticello, the estate that was Thomas Jefferson’s home, one for kin and the other for the enslaved, LitHub says.

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