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Monday's News & Ideas - 1/30/2023

  • Faith leaders on Nichols video
  • Jewish heirs sue Guggenheim
  • Spirituality & sexuality
  • Conversation on climate change
  • Teaching forgiveness in schools
  • Tyre Nichols loved skateboarding

Tyre Nichols police beating video prompts faith leaders to react with grief, goals
Religion News Service: They expressed grief and prayers for Nichols’ family, as well as called for national and state legislation. Some questioned whether the video of the police beating of Nichols should be watched.

Jewish heirs sue Guggenheim over ownership of a prized Picasso*
The New York Times: The museum says the painting’s owner, who sold it after fleeing Nazi Germany, made a “fair transaction.” His heirs say he sold under duress.

‘Spirituality and sexuality – people shouldn’t have to choose’: the Australian church celebrating queer joy
The Guardian: Led by a openly lesbian minister, St Michael’s Uniting Church in Melbourne hopes to provide a sanctuary for LGBTQ people hurt by religious institutions

Changing the conversation on climate change*
Christianity Today: Evangelical organizer Tori Goebel speaks on the difference 10 years makes and how a rising generation of Christians is looking for “avenues for action.”

Moving lessons on forgiveness out of religious spaces and into schools*
The Washington Post: Forgiveness is known as a virtue that is preached in churches and other places of worship. Until recently, it was not a subject that was taught in the classroom.

The Spark

Tyre Nichols loved skateboarding. That's how his friends say they'll remember him
In one video, Nichols trips off his skateboard while practicing a trick but remains unfazed. Instead, he tries again and again until he eventually gets it right, NPR says.

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