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Monday's News & Ideas - 5/22/2023

  • Tim Keller dies
  • Lincoln impact on church & state
  • Religion & civic activities
  • Docuseries on Duggars
  • Revisiting books
  • Watching your own death

The Rev. Timothy Keller, pioneering Manhattan evangelist, dies at 72*
The New York Times: Shunning fire and brimstone, he became a best-selling author and founded Redeemer Presbyterian Church, which drew young New Yorkers.

How Abraham Lincoln broke the barrier between church and state
Politico: The evangelical church considered itself above politics — until the Civil War changed everything.

Does identifying with religion make one more civic-minded?
Religion News Service: New data reveals atheists and agnostics may place a higher premium on civic activities.

New docuseries aims to ‘expose the truth’ about the Duggar family and their faith
HuffPost: Due out June 2, “Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets” features emotional testimony from Jill Duggar Dillard and others.

Books don’t change, but we do.*
The Christian Century: Each time we return to a book, we can see how much we have grown, changed, or shifted since the last time.

The Spark

Sudden death
I dropped dead* during a hockey game. I couldn’t remember anything. Then I discovered there was video, Peter Jakubowicz writes at Slate.

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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/6/2023

  • Quest Church leaves ECC
  • CMA to ordain women
  • Cornel West’s presidential bid
  • OK approves tax-funded religious school
  • Pacifist sect from Russia
  • Visible mending

Monday's News & Ideas - 6/5/2023

  • Tree of Life survivors
  • Pride flag on The Chosen set
  • UT school district bans Bible
  • Church in Antarctica
  • Pope on apparitions
  • Residents take 911 calls

Friday's News & Ideas - 6/2/2023

  • Online religious services study
  • Roe v Wade reversal, one year later
  • Dave Ramsey sued by former followers
  • Duggar documentary
  • Forgiving pandemic sins
  • Catatonic woman wakes after 20 years
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