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Monday's News & Ideas - 6/10/2024

  • Remembering Moltmann
  • David French on canceled panel
  • Migrant shelters
  • Olympic chaplains
  • Southwest Airlines appeal
  • Best WNBA players

The generous genius of Jürgen Moltmann*
Christianity Today: Memories and reflections of the famed theologian from his last overseas doctoral student and friend of 33 years.

The day my old church canceled me was a very sad day*
The New York Times: “I am now deemed too divisive to speak to a gathering of Christians who share my faith,” David French says.

‘Tense calm’ at the border as migrant shelters brace for impact of Biden’s asylum order
Religion News Service: “Everything that happens in the United States impacts the southern border of the US and the northern border of Mexico,” the Rev. Francisco Bueno said. “We always have to be at the ready.”

In secular France, chaplains prepare to provide Olympians with spiritual support during the Games
Associated Press: As athletes rev up their training and organizers finalize everything from ceremonies to podiums before the Paris Olympics, more than 120 faith leaders are preparing for a different challenge — spiritually supporting some 10,000 Olympic athletes from around the world, especially those whose medal dreams will inevitably get crushed.

GOP judges strike down far-right religious liberty training punishment*
The New Republic: Lawyers representing Southwest Airlines no longer have to undergo “religious liberty training” from a far-right Christian hate group, a federal appeals court ruled Friday, overturning a ruling from August.

The Spark

Caitlin Clark’s new reality
Clark isn’t yet the best player the W.N.B.A.* has ever seen, The New Yorker says. What can she learn from the player who is?

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