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Monday's News & Ideas - 7/8/2024

  • Church volunteers on vacation
  • Race & Christian nationalism
  • Labour wins UK election
  • Deaths in India crowd panic
  • Vigano excommunicated
  • Debate over AC

When worship leaders go on vacation, churches get creative*
Christianity Today: Acoustic sets, recorded tracks, and alternative setups can offer volunteers a break and invite congregants into new spiritual practices.

Trump’s bibles and sneakers campaigns tell an old story about the role of race in Christian nationalism
Religion Dispatches: Despite the fact that Black Americans remain the most religious demographic in the country, this was not the intended audience for Trump’s Bible.

Labour wins UK elections in landslide, but suffers losses in heavily Muslim areas
Religion News Service: Labour lost a handful of former strongholds to independent candidates standing on pro-Palestinian tickets.

A family loses 3 generations of women in India crowd’s panic*
The New York Times: They had worked hard for years to make a life: “Now it’s over with the death of my dear daughter, wife and mother — in one single blow.”

Vatican excommunicates a former ambassador to the US and declares him guilty of schism
Associated Press: The Vatican on Friday excommunicated its former ambassador to Washington after finding him guilty of schism, an inevitable outcome for Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

The Spark

Stop setting your thermostat at 72
Let’s settle the heated debate over your AC, once and for all, Vox says.

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