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Monday's News & Ideas - 9/19/2022

  • Yeshiva University halts student groups
  • SCOTUS school prayer case fallout
  • Martha’s Vineyard receives migrants
  • GOP vilifying Warnock
  • Christianity incompatible with nationalism
  • The Trapper Keeper

Yeshiva University halts all student clubs to block L.G.B.T.Q. group*
The New York Times: Earlier in the week, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a ruling to stand for now that required the university to recognize the group.

The story of the praying Bremerton coach keeps getting more surreal*
Seattle Times: The Bremerton schools were ordered to “reinstate Coach Kennedy to a football coaching position,” according to court documents. But the now-famous coach is out on the conservative celebrity circuit, continuing to tell a story about “the prayer that got me fired” — even though Bremerton never actually fired him.

Little churches still matter, says Martha’s Vineyard pastor of church that took in migrants
Religion News Service: Houses of worship on Martha's Vineyard have long worked together to meet the needs of their neighbors. So they were ready to spring into action when refugees arrived unexpectedly.

Republicans try a pocketbook play to vilify Warnock
Politico: After failing to negatively define the pastor-senator in 2020, the GOP is leaning into a new financial attack line — despite its own nominee's liabilities.

Mixing Christianity with nationalism is a recipe for fascism*
New York Magazine: It’s probably about time to conclude once and for all that Christianity and nationalism are essentially incompatible because the latter always swallows the former.

The Spark

How the Trapper Keeper shaped a generation of writers
E. Bryant Crutchfield saw the Trapper Keeper not only as a practical tool, but also as an artistic canvas, a way for kids to have a voice in school, Lit Hub says.

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