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Monday's News & Ideas - 9/26/2022

  • Southwestern Seminary pres resigns
  • American right’s theological claims
  • Scripture & inclusive congregations
  • National Cathedral raises money
  • HK cardinal goes on trial
  • Long-distance trains

Southwestern Seminary president resigns
Christianity Today: The successor to Paige Patterson cites “reputational, legal, and financial realities” as he moves on.

The American right’s future involves waging a ‘religious battle’ against the left, leaders say at a conservative conference
NBC News: “Insofar as conservatism as a movement has a future, it is a future that is going to be increasingly tied to explicit theological claims,” one speaker said in closing the National Conservatism Conference.

Trans religious leaders say scripture should inspire inclusive congregations
NPR: At their most recent General Convention, the Episcopal church passed resolutions supporting gender-affirming care and developing resources to welcome and support transgender and nonbinary people.

National Cathedral raises $115 million for earthquake repairs, future*
The Washington Post: Washington National Cathedral marked its 115th birthday on Sunday with the announcement that $115 million has been raised to finish repairing damage caused by an earthquake 11 years ago and lay a firm financial foundation for its future.

Hong Kong’s Cardinal Zen goes on trial over fund defending protesters
The Guardian: Catholic cleric and fellow activists were arrested for ‘colluding with foreign forces’ under Beijing-imposed national security law.

The Spark

How — and why — to take the train across the country
Long-distance trains in the US are very slow, but it’s much more environmentally friendly and rewarding, Vox says.

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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/29/2024

  • Federal charges for SBC pastor
  • Netanyahu’s claims of antisemitism
  • American clergy tiring
  • Plantations owned by the church
  • American Jews & interfaith weddings
  • Bette Nash dies

Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/28/2024

  • Fuller reconsidering sexual standards
  • Missionaries killed in Haiti
  • Francis apologizes for slur
  • World Vision appeals ruling
  • Texas GOP’s religious speech
  • Secrets of the Stasi

Friday's News & Ideas - 5/24/2024

  • Interview with UMC’s Stroud
  • Abuse trial in New Orleans delayed
  • ‘Appeal to Heaven’ nationalist flag
  • Ukrainian military chaplains
  • Carlo Acutis to become saint
  • Minneapolis library experiment

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