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Thursday's News & Ideas - 11/16/2023

  • Law that changed religious freedom
  • CoE trials blessings for same-sex weddings
  • College application data
  • bell hooks’ spirituality
  • Orthodox scholars back women deacons
  • Life in Alpha Centauri

The law that changed religious freedom forever
Deseret News: 30 years ago, Democrats, Republicans and a wide variety of religious groups banded together to boost religious freedom protections

Church of England backs plans for trial blessings of same-sex weddings
The Guardian: The General Synod’s narrow vote means services to celebrate gay marriages could be held within weeks.

Early application data are rosy, if complex*
Inside Higher Ed: Applications this fall rose 41 percent over pre-pandemic levels, buoyed by a big upswing in minority applicants, according to preliminary data from the Common App.

Spirituality and women’s liberation went hand-in-hand for bell hooks
Sojourners: Above all, hooks viewed herself as a Buddhist-Christian, a hybrid religious identity that few obituaries in the mainstream press mentioned.

US Orthodox symposium on women deacons proposes a way forward
Religion News Service: A consortium of Orthodox Christian scholars, clergy and lay supporters meeting this week outside Boston proposed guidelines for the church to revive the ancient practice of allowing women to be deacons.

The Spark

The hunt for life in Alpha Centauri
This oddball system of three stars might be our best chance at finding nearby life in the universe, JSTOR says.

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