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Thursday's News & Ideas - 1/17/2019

  • Democracies & trust
  • U.S. Catholic Church @ crossroads
  • Evangelicals & Trump's Syria plan
  • Lessons from 'The Green Book'
  • Building bridges @ the border
  • Mindfulness & low anthropology

Democracies run on trust. Luckily there's an ancient, untapped source
The (London) Guardian: Rational self-interest has led to the political mess we're in now. The solution can only be faith in something better, says Andrew Brown.

Scandal-scarred American Catholic Church approaches a crossroad
NBC News: With a Vatican summit on priestly abuse scheduled next month, the U.S. church is again being shaken by questions about two of its most prominent figures.

U.S. evangelicals push back against Trump's Syria pullout plan
NPR: U.S. evangelicals, generally supportive of President Trump, are breaking sharply with him over his planned Syria pullout, saying the move will leave Syrian Christians vulnerable to attack.

"The Green Book" teaches about race in America
Religion News Service: Yes, much of "The Green Book" was cliched and predictable, but the movie has something very powerful to teach about race and class in America, says Jeffrey Salkin.

Building bridges at the border
Commonweal: A conversation with Sister Norma Pimentel, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

The Spark

Mindfulness lowered my anthropology
For a long time, Conor Gwin wanted to believe that people are inherently good albeit misguided. But as he writes at Mockingbird, when you sit on a cushion and try to observe your thoughts two things become clear: You are not in control of your thoughts, and your thoughts are ridiculous.

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