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Thursday's News & Ideas - 3/23/2023

  • Methodist offshoot recommends schools
  • Jesuits & stargazing
  • Ramadan begins
  • Womenpriests
  • The church vs. abuse survivors
  • Story of J. Crew

These are the schools the Global Methodist Church recommends for hopeful clergy
Religion News Service: The fledgling Methodist denomination, which broke away from the United Methodist Church last year amid ongoing debate over the role of LGBTQ Christians, has announced a list of recommended educational institutions for candidates seeking ordination as a deacon or elder.

Centuries of stargazing leave Jesuit names written in the heavens*
The New York Times: The latest list of approved labels for asteroids includes nods to three more scholars of the order, as well as a pope, challenging the idea that science and religion make awkward partners.

Photos: Holy month of Ramadan begins for Muslims around the world
Al Jazeera: For the next 30 days, Muslims observing Ramadan will refrain from eating or drinking anything from sunrise to sunset.

“We will fight you for it”: Can womenpriests save the Catholic Church?
Religion & Politics: In return for daring to perform the Mass, Meyer and 250 others across the world who call themselves Roman Catholic womenpriests have been automatically excommunicated by Vatican decree.

“It crucifies you every time”: The new tactic the church uses to block claims by abuse survivors
The Guardian: Strategy used to deny compensation is a ‘stark example’ of Catholic clergy prioritizing the advice of lawyers over moral leadership.

The Spark

J. Crew and the paradoxes of prep
By mass-marketing social aspiration,* the brand toed the line between exclusivity and accessibility — and established prep as America’s visual vernacular, The New Yorker says.

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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/6/2023

  • Quest Church leaves ECC
  • CMA to ordain women
  • Cornel West’s presidential bid
  • OK approves tax-funded religious school
  • Pacifist sect from Russia
  • Visible mending

Monday's News & Ideas - 6/5/2023

  • Tree of Life survivors
  • Pride flag on The Chosen set
  • UT school district bans Bible
  • Church in Antarctica
  • Pope on apparitions
  • Residents take 911 calls

Friday's News & Ideas - 6/2/2023

  • Online religious services study
  • Roe v Wade reversal, one year later
  • Dave Ramsey sued by former followers
  • Duggar documentary
  • Forgiving pandemic sins
  • Catatonic woman wakes after 20 years
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