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Thursday's News & Ideas - 5/12/2022

  • U.S. Indian boarding schools report
  • Religious leaders’ burnout
  • ‘Divine’ treats?
  • The message of Christian nationalism
  • World’s tallest Jesus statue
  • First image of Milky Way black hole

Department of Interior releases first report detailing U.S. Indian boarding schools
Religion News Service: The Roman Catholic Church and a number of Protestant denominations are beginning to investigate their own roles in those boarding schools.
U.S. Department of the Interior: Department of the Interior releases investigative report, outlines next steps in federal Indian boarding school initiative

Religious leaders struggle with burnout, depression and anxiety — just like the rest of America
Deseret News: Between dealing with the frustrations inherent to the job, the pandemic and political polarization, pastors are suffering from burnout. And some are calling it quits.

On strawberry Fanta and other treats imbued with divine status*
The New York Times Style Magazine: Whether because of religion, fad dieting or Instagram, humans have long made food offerings in the hope of connecting with the sublime.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s version of Christianity is a massive betrayal of the teachings of Jesus*
Salon: Greene and other Christian nationalists are spreading fear, deception and hate — but not the teachings of Jesus.

A new statue of Jesus is the world’s tallest — for now
Smithsonian Magazine: “Christ the Protector” is taller than Rio de Janeiro’s most famous monument.

The Spark

This is the first image of the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way
For years, the supermassive black hole in the dark center of the Milky Way galaxy has been theorized about and studied — and finally, it’s been captured in an image, says NPR.

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