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Thursday's News & Ideas - 5/19/2022

  • Christian nationalism in primaries
  • America’s link of faith & guns
  • God loves autistic people
  • Rally at Capitol for abortion rights
  • World War III?
  • Pets dread return to office

How Christian nationalism won Pennsylvania’s GOP primary
Religion News Service: After Tuesday night’s triumph for state Sen. Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania’s Republican gubernatorial primary, Christian nationalism is taking another victory lap.

The Christian leader trying to break America’s link between faith and guns
The Guardian: Peter Cook says in the aftermath of the Buffalo racist shooting white Christian denominations have a duty to act.

God loves autistic people the way we are. Churches can too
Sojourners: “Despite the undeniable presence of autistic people like myself, the church often fails to make meaningful efforts to accommodate us,” Chloe Specht says.

Hundreds of Jews rally at the U.S. Capitol for abortion rights*
The Washington Post: Jewish views on abortion are complex across the ideological spectrum, but law and tradition do not ban it.

Ukraine, World War III and Pope Francis’ roadmap for the church*
America: Pope Francis has long spoken of our time as a “piecemeal third world war.” Now even Vladimir Putin’s spokesman is talking about the fact that World War III has begun.

The Spark

Your dog is not ready for you to return to the office
Pets* (and their owners) prepare for the inevitable, The New York Times says.

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Friday's News & Ideas - 6/24/2022

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  • PCA to leave evangelical association
  • Chris Rice abuse allegations
  • Fr. James Martin documentary
  • The spirituality of slow fashion
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Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/23/2022

  • Church ordered to rescind gay deacon
  • Religious liberty for whom?
  • Increased support for abortion rights
  • Ancient mosque found in Israel
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  • A.I. poetry

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/22/2022

  • SCOTUS on religious schools
  • Burkini ban
  • Belief in God is dropping
  • Pelosi communion ban
  • Gas station owner lowers prices
  • Beware the luxury beach resort
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