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Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/1/2023

  • CT lawmakers apologize for witch trials
  • Tina Turner’s Buddhism
  • TX campus ministry profile
  • Capital Jewish Museum
  • Pride night at LA Dodgers
  • Bizarre world of flies

Connecticut lawmakers apologize for “miscarriage of justice” in colonial-era witch trials
Associated Press: The state’s senate voted 33-1 in favor of a resolution that officially proclaimed their innocence.

How the practice of Nichiren Buddhism sustained Tina Turner for 50 years
The Conversation: Turner’s Buddhist practice developed initially against the backdrop of her first marriage and continued throughout her solo career. It provided inspiration for some of her final projects.

At this Texas campus ministry, ‘inclusive love’ is the mission*
The New York Times: Students at the University of Texas in Austin have found a safe haven at Wesley, a Methodist group whose doors are open to all.

Outsiders, strivers: New museum presents complex story of D.C. region’s Jews
The Washington Post: Capital Jewish Museum will be the region’s first of its kind. Among its exhibits is one on the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Back and forth continues over ‘queer and trans nuns’ inclusion in Dodgers Pride Night
Religion News Service: At least one Roman Catholic nun has publicly spoken in support of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence ‘for their financial assistance to those in need.’

The Spark

In defense of flies. Yes, really.
From “fluffy flying narwhals” to maggots that snorkel in trash, welcome to the wonderfully bizarre world of flies, Vox says.

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