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Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/13/2024

  • SBC reject ban on women pastors
  • Pressley new SBC president
  • Pledge of Allegiance ritual
  • Saving Quebec church
  • James Lawson Jr. dies
  • Sandy Hook survivors graduate

Southern Baptists reject ban on women pastors in historic vote*
USA Today: The Southern Baptist Convention rejected Wednesday a constitutional ban on women pastors, a major victory for those within the nation’s largest Protestant denomination seeking to maintain local church autonomy and soften what many considered a growing antagonism toward women in ministry.

North Carolina pastor Clint Pressley elected SBC president
Religion News Service: Pressley, a North Carolina megachurch pastor, was elected after a pair of runoffs.

How reciting the Pledge of Allegiance became a sacred, patriotic ritual
The Conversation: For generations, schoolchildren have recited the pledge daily. It opens legislative sessions of the United States Senate and countless other government, public and private gatherings.

Angry Catholics wanted to burn the church. He came to save it.*
The New York Times: In a cold, remote corner of northern Quebec, a sexual abuse scandal pushed a church to the edge. The Rev. Gérard Tsatselam, from Cameroon, must comfort the afflicted to bring it back.

The Rev. James Lawson Jr., civil rights leader who preached nonviolent protest, dies at 95
The Associated Press: The Rev. James Lawson Jr., an apostle of nonviolent protest who schooled activists to withstand brutal reactions from white authorities as the Civil Rights Movement gained traction, has died, his family said Monday. He was 95.

The Spark

Sandy Hook shooting survivors to graduate with mixed emotions without 20 of their classmates
These Sandy Hook survivors will be leaving the community that many call a “bubble” because of the comfort and protection it’s provided from the outside world, The Associated Press says.

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