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Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/17/2021

  • Religious universities & Title IX
  • Psychiatry & God
  • Investigation into SBC abuse
  • Data privacy & faith
  • C of E investigating fund
  • Rise & fall of Kodak

What a Title IX lawsuit might mean for religious universities
The Conversation: The implications of the lawsuit extend to the more than 200 religious schools that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. In 2018 these schools received US$4.2 billion in federal aid.

Psychiatry needs to get right with God
Scientific American: By not making more of an effort to incorporate spirituality in treatment, we are doing a disservice to patients

Southern Baptists approve major investigation into abuse response
Christianity Today: Pastors speaking on behalf of victims pushed for a task force to direct inquiry into the Executive Committee.
Religion News Service: SBC Executive Committee rejects request for system-wide abuse inquiry

When data privacy becomes a subject of faith
Yes Magazine: Most apps collect and store data. Now some Muslim developers are trying to keep that practice consistent with the tenets of Islam.

C of E investigates possible slave trade origins of £9.2bn fund
The Guardian: 17th-century Queen Anne’s Bounty, which has grown into an investment fund, could pose a ‘reputational risk.’

The Spark

The rise and fall of an American tech giant
Kodak* changed the way Americans saw themselves and their country. But it struggled to reinvent itself for the digital age, The Atlantic says. (trigger warning: suicide)

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