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Thursday's News & Ideas - 8/25/2022

  • Remembering Kallistos Ware
  • Hijab bans in India
  • Christian colleges’ ‘missing men’
  • Theology & suicide
  • Dragon lore & religion
  • The nostalgia of BeReal

Remembering Kallistos Ware, revered Orthodox Christian theologian
Religion News Service: The renowned and popular Orthodox Christian theologian of recent decades died Wednesday (Aug. 24) at 87.

As India turns 75, Muslim girls are suing to wear the hijab — and protect secularism
NPR: A group of teenage Muslim girls has taken their fight to wear the hijab all the way to India’s Supreme Court. A ruling, expected soon, could redefine what secularism means in the world’s biggest democracy.

Christian colleges look for ‘missing men’
Christianity Today: Faced with overall enrollment declines, schools are working to close higher education’s gender gap.

After my friend’s suicide, my theology was in shock*
The Christian Century: I’ve been offering my tangled knots of questions and memories as prayers.

Terrifying dragons have long been a part of many religions, and there is a reason for their appeal
The Conversation: Religions and cultures across the globe are rife with dragon lore.

The Spark

BeReal captures our nostalgia for a time when social media was boring
The app can’t make people be ‘authentic’ online. But it can remind* us of an era when being online felt very different, says The New York Times Magazine.

*access is limited for nonsubscribers

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