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Thursday's News & Ideas - 8/4/2022

  • Anglican Communion marriage debate
  • NYC bishop robbed at pulpit
  • Evangelical colleges going green
  • Faith-based politics in El Salvador
  • Fear, wonder & Jurassic World
  • Librarian collects things left in books

At Lambeth, Anglican Communion abandons vote on same-sex marriage
Religion News Service: ‘The issue of gay people and their rights is equivalent a struggle in our time to the one over race,’ said Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church.

ID theft, fraud, prison: The wild life of a bishop robbed at the pulpit*
The New York Times: The police said Bishop Lamor Whitehead was robbed of a fortune in jewelry, the crime caught on camera. But the focus soon turned to him and his past run-ins with the law.

With an eye to mission and money, more evangelical universities go green
Christianity Today: New financing mechanisms reduce the cost of reducing emissions.

The faith-based politics of El Salvador’s millennial president
Religion & Politics: Bukele himself would strategically use religious belief to redirect criticism of his policies from Salvadorans locally and abroad.

Jurassic World and the scales of time*
Christian Century: The latest film seems to have forgotten one of the delights of dinosaur nerdery: imagining the world without humans.

The Spark

A librarian collects all the things left in books — from love letters to old photos
There are yellowed photographs, snippets of homework, bus tickets, love notes and postcards among the collection, says NPR.

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