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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 10/19/2021

  • Ransom for kidnapped missionaries
  • Post-COVID family formation
  • ‘Save Saeed’ campaign
  • Maternity & leadership
  • Muslimness of Dune
  • Community of Harlem YMCA

Haiti gang wants $17M ransom for kidnapped American and Canadian missionaries
CNN: The gang that kidnapped a group of 17 American and Canadian missionaries in Haiti has asked for $1 million each for their release, a top Haitian official told CNN Tuesday.

What being rich, religious or Republican has to do with getting married and having children
Deseret News: A new study exposes a growing divide when it comes to post-COVID-19 family formation.

Millions wanted to ‘Save Saeed.’ Few wanted to help his abused ex-wife.
Religion News Service: In a 2016 recording, Franklin Graham is heard pressing an abused spouse to go to counseling with her husband. ‘This can be fixed, easy.’

How maternity leave made me a better leader
Fast Company: This tech CEO made a plan, delegated her duties, and then disconnected for 18 weeks from the company she cofounded to have a baby.

The Muslimness of Dune: A close reading of “Appendix II: The Religion of Dune” The Muslim influences on the series go deeper than many may have realized.
Religion News Service: ‘Dune’ novels draw on Islamic motifs and have in turn inspired Muslim artists

The Spark

The visionary community of the Harlem Y.M.C.A.
In the early 20th century, the building became a meeting place* for many of the writers, artists, actors and activists who defined a new and vibrant Black culture, The New York Times says.

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Thursday's News & Ideas - 12/2/2021

  • Supreme Court debates abortion
  • Pastors joining Great Resignation?
  • Religious communities & climate
  • Hanukkah celebrations at White House
  • Broadcaster Marcus Lamb dies
  • Costs of being single in America

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 12/1/2021

  • HR weighs religious exemptions
  • Abuse of Catholic nuns
  • Many Christians affirm evolution
  • Barber rallies BYU students
  • Xinjiang crackdown papers
  • Local news deserts

Tuesday's News & Ideas - 11/30/2021

  • What preachers say in crisis
  • Faith communities address abuse
  • Dorothy Day’s anger
  • Donors favor education & religion
  • Baptism is getting wild
  • What we know about Omicron

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