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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 11/15/2022

  • Chappelle monologue
  • Big donation to Lutheran org
  • Crowded elevator of opinions
  • Israel’s election
  • California monument
  • Fighting fascism

Dave Chappelle monologue disappoints on ‘Saturday Night Live’
NPR: Chappelle didn’t devote much of his monologue to the midterm elections. He spent more time talking about Kanye West and antisemitism.

MacKenzie Scott gives $15 million to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Religion News Service: It’s the single largest donation in the organization’s 83-year history.

The crowded elevator of opinions*
Christian Century: We’ve become convinced that speaking is the most important thing we can do.

Israel’s election empowers a more muscular religious Zionism*
The New York Times: The extreme wing of the nationalist religious community has prevailed. At the same time, religious Zionists are increasingly part of the Israeli mainstream.

California breaks ground on Native American monument to replace Junipero Serra statue
Associated Press: The statue will replace one of St. Junipero Serra, a Catholic priest who built missions from San Diego to San Francisco with the aim of converting native peoples to Christianity.

The Spark

How to fight fascism before it’s too late
If you live in a country where democracy* is still intact: Don’t wait, Maria Ressa says at The Atlantic.

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