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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 5/10/2022

  • Politics poisoning evangelical church
  • Conservative Methodists’ gathering
  • Right-wing Orthodox converts
  • Pope decries liturgy divisions
  • Benbow interview
  • Feeding Ukrainian military

How politics poisoned the evangelical church*
The Atlantic: The movement spent 40 years at war with secular America. Now it’s at war with itself.

New denomination urges United Methodists to walk out of the wilderness
Religion News Service: The Wesleyan Covenant Association’s 6th annual gathering was broadcast live at dozens of local churches across the country and encouraged churches to move into a new denomination.

Orthodox Christian churches are drawing in far-right American converts
NPR: When Sarah Riccardi-Swartz moved from New York City to a small Appalachian town in West Virginia in the fall of 2017, she was searching for an answer to a puzzling question. Why had a group of conservative American Christians converted to Russian Orthodoxy?

Taking womanist theology to the beauty shop*
Christian Century: “My mama was womanist. My grandma is womanist. Just because they don’t have the language or the identifier doesn’t make them less womanist,” Candice Benbow says.

Pope decries divisions caused by old-school liturgy fans
Associated Press: Pope Francis on Saturday blasted Catholics who, hewing to old-school versions of liturgy like the Latin Mass, have made an ideological battleground of the issue, decrying what he described as devil-inspired divisiveness in the church.

The Spark

The fight to feed the Ukrainian resistance
A national network of cooks, restaurateurs and bakers has rallied to provide meals for Ukraine’s military and civilian population as the war with Russia grinds on, CityLab says.

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