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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/21/2022

  • Franklin Graham & abuse victim
  • SBC changes direction on abuse
  • Calvin University & culture wars
  • ‘Canceled’ Christian comedian
  • History of SBC & abortion
  • Hong Kong’s floating restaurant sinks

How Franklin Graham pushed a domestic abuse victim to return to her husband*
The Washington Post: He asked whether she was cheating on her husband. “It was a good question to ask,” Graham said. “I would’ve asked it again.”

Southern Baptists change direction on sexual abuse after years of delay
Religion News Service: The recently concluded SBC meeting swung between worship and bickering as more than 10,000 Southern Baptists gathered in California to address sexual abuse.

An elite Christian college has become the latest battleground in America’s culture wars
HuffPost: The saga that unfolded after a professor officiated a same-sex wedding has exposed deep rifts over how the school treats members of the LGBTQ community – and how its church interprets the Bible.

‘Canceled’ John Crist has a new book, tour and comedy special
Christianity Today: The Christian comic brings his downfall into his new releases, while victims say they’re still waiting for repentance.

The history of Southern Baptists shows they have not always opposed abortion
The Conversation: The Convention expressed support for abortion in certain cases throughout the 1970s, until a more conservative wing seized control in the 1980s.

The Spark

Hong Kong’s floating restaurant sinks at sea, laden with memories
Jumbo Floating Restaurant, which closed in 2020, capsized* in the South China Sea after being towed from the city. The sinking triggered nostalgia for a happier period of Hong Kong history, says The New York Times.

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