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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 7/20/2021

  • Americans reject vaccines
  • Mecca’s second pandemic hajj
  • Evangelicals & Israel
  • Anti-Catholic bias
  • Church & condo collapse
  • A brief history of perfume

While Americans reject COVID vaccines, other parts of the world beg for access
Baptist News Global: Some public health experts believe parts of Africa may not receive access to COVID-19 vaccines until 2023 — while Americans are now rejecting the readily available doses at their disposal.

With pandemic in mind, pared-back hajj in Mecca for second year
Religion News Service: Tens of thousands of vaccinated Muslim pilgrims circled Islam's holiest site in Mecca on Sunday.

Evangelical support for Israel is neither permanent nor inevitable
The Conversation: The political alliance between American evangelicals and Israel’s right wing may have peaked during the Trump administration.

‘The last acceptable prejudice’*
The Atlantic: Father Jim Martin isn’t quick to call out bias against his faith. But sometimes, people go too far.

Three generations, eight families: What the condo collapse took from a church*
The New York Times: A congregation and its priest, their faith tested, focus on healing and remembering their lost parishioners.

The Spark

A brief history of perfume: Visiting an archive of ancient scents
“I suddenly feel like my nose has hit peak perfume,” writes Sarah Everts in LitHub. “It’s as if my olfactory system is an unused muscle that has just been asked to dead-lift 200 pounds.”

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