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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 9/19/2023

  • Johnny Hunt suing SBC leaders
  • Angela Paxton’s biblical womanhood
  • DeSantis partners with pastors
  • Assassination of Sikh leader
  • German conservatism
  • Chasing ego death

Is a pastor’s sin a private matter? Johnny Hunt lawsuit makes that claim.
Religion News Service: The former SBC president and longtime megachurch pastor covered up his sexual misconduct for a decade. Now he’s suing SBC leaders for revealing his sins.

The biblical womanhood of Angela Paxton*
Texas Monthly: Throughout the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton, his wife, a state senator, shared her internal struggle one Bible verse at a time.

DeSantis partners with pastors in attempt to gain on Trump*
Christianity Today: Even with his new faith coalition and bolder pro-life convictions, few evangelicals are stepping away from the former president and GOP frontrunner.

‘Credible evidence’ India behind alleged assassination of Sikh leader, says Trudeau
The Guardian: India rejects the allegation that it was responsible for the fatal shooting of Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil as “absurd.”

As top officials shatter post-WWII taboos, German conservatives follow GOP playbook and charge ahead
Religion Dispatches: The recent events in Bavaria — a Southern, very Catholic and quite conservative state — are just the latest evidence of a global right-wing resurgence and should be recognized as yet another warning that a significant shift in German conservatism is underway.

The Spark

She chased ‘ego death’ — first in religion, then in parenthood
For NPR, Rachel Martin speaks with Jia Tolentino about her religious upbringing and her subsequent rejection of that belief system.

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