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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 9/26/2023

  • Finding uses for church buildings
  • FL’s new SAT alternative
  • Less persecuted Christians in US
  • China’s molding of religion
  • TV show’s realistic queer Christian
  • Books used to train AI

100,000 reuses for the church to find*
Christianity Today: With a record number of congregations predicted to close their doors by 2025, multiuse developments may be the future for shrinking congregations and empty buildings.

‘This is not a Trumpy, conservative education’: Florida’s controversial new SAT alternative
The Guardian: Will the Classic Learning Test bring ‘truth and beauty’ back into education – or is it fueling Ron DeSantis’s extremist agenda?

Few persecuted Christians find refuge in US, new report finds
Religion News Service: A new reports finds that the number of Christian refugees coming to the US has declined at a time when persecution is on the rise.

‘A jealous god’: China remakes religions in its own image
Al Jazeera: Authorities are violating religious freedoms across China as the leadership seeks to assert control.

‘Sex Education’ offers a realistic look at young queer people’s relationship with God*
Teen Vogue: The show posits that religious identity is something that LGBTQ people are allowed to want.

The Spark

These 183,000 books are fueling the biggest fight in publishing and tech
The Atlantic made a search tool* to see which authors and books have been used to train AI.

*access is limited for nonsubscribers

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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 12/5/2023

  • TEC’s tangled Title IV protocol
  • Christian Wiman’s new book
  • Francis: ‘Demasculinize’ church
  • Shooting rocks VT’s self-image
  • ‘Dear Alana’ podcast
  • The people behind chip flavors

Monday's News & Ideas - 12/4/2023

  • Israel continues bombing Gaza
  • Culture war in Moscow, Idaho
  • Quaker Palestinian American prof
  • Local media & religion beat
  • Mormon church & NDAs
  • Church built for peace in WWI

Friday's News & Ideas - 12/1/2023

  • National Cathedral scandal over visit fee
  • McCarrick’s assault case ending
  • ‘Jesus’ film going animated
  • Small Australian town fights for church
  • The Kabbalah tradition
  • Feeling the war in Dearborn, Michigan
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